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​​​​​Michelle Orelup's Professional Recommendations  (as posted on Linkedin)

When I first met Michelle, she had little to no experience with Microsoft Dynamics CRM or ClickDimensions. The company she worked for had no onsite subject matter expert, so she dug in and quickly learned how to use the database, build queries, create rules, and learned how to automate marketing with ClickDimensions. Within a month she discovered 15,000 expired records that were not identified as 'Do Not Contact'. Michelle updated those records to ensure they would not be included in future marketing efforts. She also developed a process to identify new data to ensure this issue would not reoccur. This action alone saved Global tens of thousands of dollars in fines. Michelle was instrumental in leading our Sales and Marketing efforts through Lead Generation. Sales in 2014 increased 50% over the prior year due to the cleansed data and more targeted, personalized messaging. 

Michelle read dozens of articles every day to understand what was happening with healthcare legislation, technology, and trends and the impact on physician practices. She incorporated this information into the website content library and shared it on social media. This monthly practice grew Global's Linkedin followers by 400%. Michelle consistently looks for ways to improve efficiency and is fearless at testing new marketing channels. 

April 20, 2017

Bryan Leisinger

President, Co-Founder, Simplified Sales Strategies

​Michelle is an outstanding performer, both in strategy and tactics, in following five areas: 1. CRM management 2. Website and search engine optimization (SEO) 3. Lead generation 4. Social media 5. Branding She managed our vendor and over 50,000 records in CRM, all automation protocols and segmentation of leads to inside sales including marketing and nurturing campaigns. Michelle was an integral part of our company's website design and management, including the integration of our website to our CRM for automated lead management. She also managed and monitored the daily search engine optimization tactics with a unique blend of google pay per click supplements. In addition Michelle implemented a tool for the website that identified qualified lead traffic in real time that fed the inside sales team. Michelle used her marketing research skills to create information and articles for the company's social media and email marketing avenues, which she also managed. And lastly, Michelle complimented her marketing technology skills with her ability to manage the company's branding consistency in trade show management, advertising, social media and email marketing. Michelle is the entire package for a company's marketing needs in our competitive and technologically savvy environment.

April 9, 2017

Tobin Lassen, Chief Knowledge Officer, Co-Founder, Global Healthcare Alliance

​I have worked with Michelle and found her to be invaluable to executing a wonderful promotion with JC Penney. Michele was responsible for implementation of a $25 million nationwide promotion which ran flawlessly for 4 months. This promotion had over 1/2 million consumer interactions. Michele worked tirelessly, and showed professionalism and courtesy to all who interacted with her. 
July 5, 2011 
Marc Resnick, CEO, PageMaster Corp 

Michelle is very intelligent and is very detailed in her work, she is an asset to any company. Michelle developed a web-based, print-on-demand application, developed and managed the email marketing channel, and provided research and recommendations based on online searches from the web analytics package- none of which existed until Michelle created. The sales channels( Stores) doubled the average revenue per year in Michelles tenure and store count sky rocketed as a result of increased profitability and performance of the marketing department in which she presided as the leader of customer data strategies.

May 20, 2010 
Terry Schulze, Director of Operations/Marketing, Interstate Batteries

Michelle brings a positive energy to the work place, a very pleasant person to work with. Great at communication, quick at solving problems and very available to provide support. I strongly recommend her.

July 9, 2008 
Gayle Gansle, graphic designer, Interstate Batteries

Michelle is a very conscientious Marketing Analyst. Her work ethic is second to none. Especially impressive is Michelle's tremendous attitude working in a complex, challenging environment.

July 6, 2008 
Tom Sheehy, Director Business Development, Interstate Batteries

Michelle was extremely adept to marketing tactics and was a huge support to the overall marketing and operations teams. She was quick to pitch in and help the team in whatever was asked of her. Michelle is a great team player and really supportive of those around her. 

June 13, 2008
Jennifer Maul, Communications Team Leader/Mktg Mgr, Interstate Batteries