My Success Story in Marketing

  • ​Managed $1 million marketing budget and had agency oversight for building a new corporate website for a company in healthcare. This process included layout, design, SEO, content development, and user experience testing. 
  • Managed a CRM database of 50,000+ records which included import records, churn, health, segmentation, and email marketing. I saved the company tens of thousands of dollars by identifying prospect records that had expired.
  • Implemented lead generation, record scoring, and sales follow-up to maintain a healthy pipeline. 
  • Managed people, partners and vendor relationships. 
  • Successfully increased followers and engagement for B2B and B2C companies through email marketing, SEO, content development and social media. 
  • Skilled marketing project manager and successfully executed a $25 million campaign for JCPenney Rewards that generated more than 500,000 transactions. 
  • Implemented a custom CMS tool for franchise owners to automate offline marketing campaigns. 

Strategic Digital Marketing for Email, Web, SEO, and Social Media

​Las Vegas, NV

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My professional experience includes developing and managing online and offline marketing channels for B2C and B2B companies. I have managed multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, software implementations, and other complex projects.

I am well versed in the strategies and tactics for multi-channel marketing, including; web, email, SEO, third-party advertising, CRM, lead generation and the requirements for supporting sales teams. 

​Marketing disciplines I have used during my career.

Product Marketing

I developed product marketing materials at Hewlett-Packard as part of the go-to-market plan to help the sales team sell flat-screen displays, digital signage and accessories to buyers at Amazon, Best Buy and other resellers. Product materials included; creative materials, positioning statements, video demos, and product specifications as part of the roadmap and product launch strategy.

I worked with Product Managers, Engineers and stakeholders to deploy product materials, video demos, and sales decks.

CRM / Database Marketing

I have worked with multiple CRM systems for database marketing, including; Teradata, MS Access, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce. In my role at JCPenney, I worked in Teradata to create segmented marketing lists for catalog marketing. In my role with Global Healthcare Alliance, I managed the database of more than 50,000 records for email marketing and lead generation and account nurturing. I developed messaging, email templates and a segmented contact strategy to maximize marketing efforts and to keep the brand and service message fresh. I created business rules in the form of workflows and triggers as part of an automated strategy and cadence. I managed the data health to ensure that information is current and fresh for the inside sales team. Leads were scored based on site behavior to track their potential and value.

Email Marketing

I have worked with multiple email marketing platforms including; Vertical Response, Constant Contact, ClickDimensions, and Pardot. I have managed the data, created and assigned sales lists, and monitored data health. I have developed and managed annual marketing schedules which include the cadence, audience and messaging. My email marketing experience includes ecommerce, lead generation, account-based marketing, nurture marketing and event-based marketing.

I developed the email marketing program at Interstate All Battery Center to notify customers about discounts, service opportunities, and store openings. In that role, I used Constant Contact and Vertical Response as my email service providers. My goal to acquire email addresses was accomplished through an in-store sales strategy. Customers were offered a discount if they would provide basic contact information and their email address. Over 10,000 email addresses were acquired in the first year, and this was instrumental in future email marketing initiatives, including national contests for NASCAR.

My volunteer work with Bands For Arms included the development and management of a database and email marketing. Customer emails included information about 'Sneak Peak' opportunities, upcoming product launches and event information to let them know how they could meet the CEO when he visited their area.

I have used both ClickDimensions, Pardot and MailChimp for email marketing, and to create event-based landing pages. These tools are used to segment data for strategic messaging for both account-based drip marketing and lead-gen nurture marketing. I managed email marketing for six Inside Sales reps and developed personalized email templates for each rep. I used nurture marketing as part of a monthly thought-leadership strategy to inform, teach and create interest around the subjects of Revenue Cycle Management and Value-Based Reimbursement. This strategy helped move prospects through the sales funnel.   

Lead Generation 

I incorporated multiple channels and tactics to generate new leads for Global Healthcare Alliance. This includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase ranking within search engines, and to increase organic traffic to the website. I developed content marketing in the form of thought leadership articles, industry updates and posted the content on social media channels to drive traffic to the website. 

Retargeting was used to keep the brand and message in front of website visitors. This small snippet of code, which creates a cookie for tracking purposes, was an inexpensive and effective way to remind visitors about the company, as they browse other websites.

Account-based marketing was used in email messaging to ensure that multiple contacts from specific accounts have the latest updates on product information, as well as tactics to increase front-end office revenue for their medical practice.

I incorporated landing pages for event marketing, especially around trade shows and conferences. These pages were designed to capture prospect information such as first and last name, company name, phone, and email address. Additional fields in the form of radio buttons gave the prospect to identify a specific pain point such as billing or collections.  I used email to create interest and click through options to drive traffic to a specific landing page so that attendees can pre-schedule appointments with staff at trade shows. A scoring process was then used to identify the value of the data based on pages visited, time spent on site and other criteria.

​Pay-per-click (PPC) and display advertising were also used as part of the lead gen strategy, and to create awareness about the brand and solutions. 

Anonymous website traffic was identified and scored according to user behavior on the website. Contact information for leads was added to the database and turned over to the sales team for follow-up.

Social Media

In my role at Global Healthcare Alliance, I developed thought-leadership articles and posted links to the Linkedin company page. In my first two years, our followers increased by more than 400%. I was invited to join the Board of Directors for Wellness 4 Warriors, in 2012. In this role, I develop creative images for print and digital messaging.  I manage website updates and also create content and landing pages for the Annual Wellness Expo in San Antonio. I used both twitter and facebook in 2010 to launch a new company, Bands For Arms. In the first year of business, we gained over 10,000 true facebook followers. They were engaged with the brand, excited about the purpose and supported the mission. Every time a new product was launched, it sold out quickly - sometimes within a few minutes. In the second year on facebook, Bands For Arms was declared a Top 10 Small Business, by facebook executives. 
In my role at Hewlett-Packard, I launched a Google+ page for the Displays Group. The page was used to announce new product launches, and as a product differentiator from the competition. I developed cadenced messaging in sync with the road map for the social media team to deploy.

Brand Management

Brand management is more than just customer recognition and loyalty. Branding is the outward expression of a company and the values and unique characteristics they support. Brand recognition is the key to building equity and authority in the market, so it is critical to ensure consistency in both corporate and customer communications. I was first exposed to brand management at Interstate All Battery Center. In this role, I managed the annual marketing calendar which included the planning and execution of all print and digital collateral for retail stores. This experience was valuable because when I accepted a job offer a few years later at a recreation brand, I quickly realized that they did not apply consistent branding in digital campaigns. I worked with the designer to develop templates that would provide instant brand recognition for customer emails. I learned even more about branding in a project management role JCP Rewards. This was my first experience with the inner workings of a company website, and I learned about the use of using wireframes for the layout of desktop, mobile, and other portable devices.  This experience was instrumental in my role at Global Healthcare Alliance because an hour after my interview, I met the team that would redesign the company website. As Marketing Manager, it was my responsibility to ensure that all forms of advertising, marketing, email marketing met brand guidelines.

Project Management

I developed and managed a Content Management System (CMS) also known as a Digital Asset Management (DAM) at Interstate All Battery, for franchise owners. This tool allowed them to quickly select product discounts, service offerings, or store openings, and recipients in their market. Every creative piece was branded, and the store information automatically loaded to direct marketing collateral. This ensured brand consistency, continuity and gave franchise owners complete control over direct marketing costs. This saved them time, money and the headache of creating monthly offers.

I managed a $25 million, multi-channel smartphone promotion for JCP Rewards. This included developing content, messaging, vendor management, user testing, and deployment across print and digital channels. We transacted over 500,000 phones and received zero customer complaints about the product, delivery or quality. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

​​I began using the principles of SEO for creating web content before I even knew that SEO existed. I built this site as a digital marketing resume so that recruiters and staffing agencies can locate me online. I knew the proper use of keywords has created that opportunity through organic search traffic.  

I had direct oversight of the design, layout, functionality, and content for a new corporate website in Houston. As part of developing new content for each page, I used keywords and phrases that prospects would type into a search engine to locate a solution for their business issue. I used the same principles of SEO for writing thought leadership articles which were shared through social media and posted to the content library. The most relevant part of SEO is not writing a ton of content, but instead, writing the type of content that provides value and solutions. SEO has evolved and become much more technical than just on-page content.

Volunteer Work and Board Positions

I have worked with several military-related organizations to help create awareness about the post-war needs of military veterans, using social media and creative design. Those organizations include the following:

    Bands For Arms, Inc.  2010 - 2012 Board Member

    Wellness 4 Warriors    2012 - present Board Member

    Battle Buddy Foundation       

    Burn Pit Voices